Friday, March 20, 2009

World Premiere!

Meat Love has been selected to screen in the Davis Film Fest in our homebase city of Davis, California. We'll be in the 12 noon block on April 4th at the Veterans' Memorial Theater, right after the intermission. I'm proud of the actors and crew who gave up many hours of sleep in order to eat Pirate Booty and stand around in a cold, darkened store... and the people who work at the Davis Food Co-Op, who tolerated our antics!

The Davis Film Fest was just as much a part of our production schedule as the shooting or editing was - we used the final submission date as a drop-dead filmout date for Meat Love. It was great to have such a solid end point especially when we got into editing, because it meant that we could devote as much time to the movie as it needed to get done, with the knowledge that after February 27 we were free and done and could sleep and party and go grocery shopping again.

Maybe that was just the editor and I on that last bit.

Moral of the story: having a hard deadline is motivating and a relief when you make it.

What happens next? We're submitting to a film fest for shorts in either LA or SF, and after that, we'll be booting Meat Love into the wide world of Youtube and Vimeo, to seek its fortune and an audience...

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  1. Sorry I missed the premiere; can't wait to see it!