Friday, February 13, 2009

Still making progress

We wrapped principal photography at about 2 pm on Sunday the 8th, after shooting 7 days (not in a row) and 32 hours altogether. We broke two lightbulbs, forgot cables twice, and went through three boom operators. Maybe we should stop mistreating the poor sound people.

Everyone's been set free to have lives and weekends again - everybody but the director and editor. Editor is, unsurprisingly, editing the short. Director is hemming and hawing and asking for the cut to maybe be shorter no longer no maybe three frames longer and can we make it slow motion no you know what never mind put it back the way you originally had it. Director is also
working on the poster/DVD cover and shirt design.

Producer is looking at the rough cuts and trying to decide whether it was worth all the lost sleep.

Look for a trailer on Saturday... we're makin' a MOVIE!

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