Monday, January 26, 2009

Second weekend, part 1

While everyone who's anyone is at Sundance TALKING about and WATCHING movies, we're actually MAKING one. How do you like that, Robert Redford?

Katie, Victor, and Jim are showing Robert Redford a thing or two about dedication.

The director's primary job is to sit on her ass and watch youtube between takes. In fact, sometimes she even watches youtube OVER takes, which is why she didn't keep track of shirt colors and we need to reshoot this shot with a black shirt.

Much like those Russian snow leopards, Brandon is elusive and hard to catch on camera - mostly because he's got the camera in his pocket and is taking photos of everyone else. HOWEVER - the old pile-of-lambchops bait trick that snow leopards always fall for works on producers, too.

Jim P is an actual honest-to-god butcher. This is accuracy! That's a lamb butt sitting next to him on the chopping block. It contains 2 legs o lamb and loin chops!

Conor takes his role very seriously while at the same time taking chicken eating to a whole new level.

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